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Healthy employees get the job done and are more effecient.

In order to refresh your workforce I meet up with you and your employees and by checking for example posture and sitting or carrying habits I create micro training programmes (10-30 min) consisting of simple exercises that can be done in the office. By training together, your employees will feel less shy and will have a tool to relax tense shoulders and avoid backpains. By checking in on your employees I make sure that the training is done correctly and show next and more elaborate exercises as time goes by. 


Relaxed CEOs make for efficient workforce.

I am training and coaching executives in order to help them manage stress, remain calm and controlled, build confidence and think strategically, The problem of not being able to "switch off" at night is slowly solved by learning meditation techniques as well as a workout that releases tensions that prevent you from sleeping.

tai chi @home

A peaceful mind is the basis for a healthy body. A healthy body is the ideal vessel for a peaceful mind.

The training be it self-defense, meditation, relaxation, cardio workouts, weight loss and fitness or stretching is based on traditional martial arts systems and the rogramme is adjusted on a daily basis to my clients needs. Sometimes you might need to blow off steam, so the exercises will be more intense, another time you need to calm down, so the training will be of low intensity.


We set the goals together and we will always keep one eye on them, but the first and most important goal is for you to enjoy training and get the most of it.  


tai chi @school

Strong children become responsible adults.

Children (especially in Greece) are facing a workload that even grown ups could barely handle. They are stressed from school, parents, peer groups. Through exercising and mindfulness techniques I provide the most important tools for our future generation: How to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual health.


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