I have been training for more than 20 years. I love training and I love to teach my arts to other people. Many years of experience both as a student and a teacher close to the best qualify me for creating the training programmes and teaching them.


I take my arts seriously and try always to work to the best of my abilities so that people can benefit from it as much as they train. I enjoy being close to nature; have hiked along many places in the Greek countryside. I am still active as a student in martial arts myself, trying to deepen the understanding of the art, because I strongly believe that to be a good teacher one must remain a student himself.


I have participated in numerous seminars given by teachers such as Kostas Kanakis, Tang Tung Wing, Liu Jing Ru, Wang Xiang and Cheng Xsiaowang and Pedro Fleitas acquiring additional skills.

I have also taken part in various competitions winning two gold medals at the 5th international Wushu Competition (2010) in Hong Kong in the categories Tai Chi Empty Hands Form and Tai Chi Sword.

In Greece I have contested in competitions organized by the Hellenic Wushu Kung Fu Federation between the years 2004 and 2011 winning a total of 6 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.


To this day I am still pursuing knowledge under the guidance of some of the aforementioned teachers, attending seminars and private lessons.

  • since 2004 Xing Yi Chuan (Instructor: A. Giannoulis); Assistant-Instructor
  • since 2004 Pa Kua Chang (Instructor: A. Giannoulis); 3rd Level Instructor
  • since 2002 Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Instructor: A. Giannoulis); 4th Duan Wei
  • since 1997 Ninjutsu (Instructor: D. Tsigakos & G. Blatzis & K. Kanakis); 3rd Dan
  • 1990–1993 Tang Soo Do (Instructor: Kun Hwa Lee); 6th Gup (= green belt)
  • 1985–1990 Tae Kwon Do (Instructor: V. Thanos); 1st Kup (= red-black belt)



Karantinos Personal Training
Patrick Karantinos
16344 Ilioupoli/Athina




+30 6942093119



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