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How fit do I have to be in order to practise Tai Chi?

There are no limitations whatsoever in Tai Chi training when it comes to preexisting fitness or other conditions. Everyone can practise it no matter how fit or unfit they are. It is not a competition. You set your goals yourself and you do the training according to what feels good. Of course you have to push yourself a bit in order to get better but you should always listen to your body in order not to get hurt. A big part of the training is the understanding of your body and this is what you will learn during the training. 

Is there an age limit for Tai Chi training?

Tai Chi can be practised at any age no matter how old or young you are. In China for example Tai Chi is practised together in big groups by people of all ages. The younger someone is though (especially children under 18 years old) the more active the training usually has to be for them to first get all their energy out and then to calm down and relax. I adjust my training programmes on a day to day basis always focussing on my client's needs.  

How much space does the training require?

You can practise Tai Chi anytime anywhere. The training requires only limited space. Only 4m2  are enough to do most of the exercises. So being in your office or at home (on your balcony etc.) is no excuse for not training. Of course it is very good to breathe fresh air, so whenever you can try to go outside in a nearby park etc.

What kind of equipment do I need?

You do not need any kind of equipment in order to practise Tai Chi. Whoever wants you to buy equipment first in order to train just wants to make money and has no idea about Tai Chi training. 

What clothes should I be wearing for the training?

It helps if you are wearing something comfortable for the training. Since the warm up includes stretching a pair of flexible trousers might be the best. 


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